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Addiction detracts from sufferers' lives in multiple ways. First substance addiction can seriously detract from a person's physical and mental health. Moreover, many addiction sufferers engage in high-risk behaviors when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Substance addiction can also have a detrimental effect on one's career, family, and other relationships. Sufferers who want to manage the disease of substance addiction can enter drug detox centers in Meriden, CT, to get the help they desperately need. Drug detox for addiction is the first step on the long road to addiction recovery.

What Is Drug Detox?

Drug detox, when conducted at a drug detox treatment center, is a medical process by which an addiction sufferer is slowly weaned from the addictive substance. During the detox process, the healthcare provider is provided with medications and other treatments that can reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Medical detox only targets the physical dependency associated with alcohol or drug addiction. Most people who have a full-blown substance addiction will require drug detox treatment as it's never advisable to undergo withdrawal alone. Drug detox centers in Meriden, CT, is staffed by medical professionals who have the medications and therapies needed to reduce the intensity of withdrawal. A center for drug detox is the best place to begin one's recovery journey.

Drug Detox and Withdrawal

Withdrawal symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable. When withdrawal symptoms become severe, they can even prove to be life-threatening. Withdrawal symptoms make begin as a mild headache or a slight feeling of nausea, but they can progress and worsen in severity. They can also include symptoms such as vomiting, cramps, tremors, anxiety, paranoia, depression, chills, dehydration, and insomnia. In some cases, withdrawal symptoms can lead to thoughts of suicide, seizures, and heart irregularities that can lead to death. Drug detox programs understand how uncomfortable withdrawal can be, which is why they employ treatments and medications that shorten the duration of detox and minimize uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Drug detox centers in Meriden features state-of-the-art facilities that are equipped to handle medical emergencies.

Why Should an Addiction Sufferer Enter a Drug Detox Treatment Center?

Many people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs may think they are in control of their drinking or drug problem. However, their use wouldn't be a problem if they truly had it under control. Moreover, drug abuse in itself, even without the presence of addiction, requires addiction treatment in Meriden. A drug detox treatment facility features addiction specialists that can assess an individual's use of addictive substances and help them determine the best course of action. People who do have an addiction will likely require drug detox treatment; someone who has an abuse problem may not need to undergo medical detox but will require counseling and possibly other therapies that help them to get their problems under control.

How Can Drug Detox Programs Help?

Medical detox is the first step in the recovery process. It does not address the mental or behavioral aspects of addiction. It only severs the person's acute physical dependency on alcohol or drugs. A center for drug detox typically offers a full spectrum of therapies that can treat the many aspects of substance addiction. Until the person is "clean" of alcohol or drugs, they may not be ready to participate in other forms of addiction treatment. The drug detox process can take a few days but often a few weeks. In most cases, withdrawal peaks within 24-72 hours since a sufferer's last use, but cravings for the substance and residual symptoms can last for much longer.

It's essential that addiction sufferers undergo medical detox at a center for drug detox, but it's also vital that they continue their addiction treatment once detox is complete. If a sufferer only undergoes the drug detox process in rehab but neglects to continue therapy, relapse is likely. A drug detox treatment facility can help addiction sufferers find therapies that are ideal for their needs. Some sufferers may require treatment for dual diagnosis. Others may prefer to include family therapy in their treatment plan or even alternative treatments like equine therapy or art therapy. Multitype drug treatment plans in Meriden give addiction sufferers the best chance at long-term recovery.

With high-quality drug detox centers in Meriden, addiction sufferers can meet with an addiction specialist to determine a course of treatment that's best for them. Drug detox for addiction works at severing the physical connection to alcohol or drugs, but other therapies target addiction's powerful psychological dependencies. By entering a drug detox treatment facility today, sufferers can be on their road to recovery and sobriety tomorrow. Call Meriden Alcohol Treatment Centers now for help (877) 804-1531.

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