Addiction Treatment in Meriden, CT

Like other states throughout the nation, Connecticut is struggling with substance addiction. As the state attempts to shut down "pill mills" responsible for the rising opiate abuse epidemic, the heroin problem is only increasing. In addition, sufferers across the state are coping with addictions to alcohol, crack, cocaine, meth, and other substances that detract from their health and well-being. By obtaining addiction treatment in Meriden, CT, sufferers can begin their recovery road and learn how to effectively manage all aspects of their addiction. Today's drug and alcohol treatment centers boast evidence-based therapies complemented by helpful alternative treatments. Without drug or alcohol rehab, addictions are apt to worsen substantially.

What Is Addiction?

According to the modern medical community, addiction is a disease. It involves multiple dependencies that aren't just physical; they are mental and behavioral in nature too. Specialists who maintain addiction treatment in Meriden, explain to their clients that addiction, as a multi-type disease, requires multi-type treatments. Addiction is chronic, which means there's no cure except for abstinence. Sufferers who do not abstain will typically see this disease progress to negatively affect their physical health, mental health, and overall well-being. Many addiction sufferers will see their work performance diminish and may even suffer catastrophic financial difficulties. Addiction also negatively impacts relationships and families, which can considerably reduce a person's quality of life. By entering alcohol or drug rehabs in Meriden, sufferers can stop the damage that addiction does in its tracks.

How Does Addiction Affect the Brain?

Addictive substances have a powerful impact on the brain. These substances are effective chemicals, and they have a profound effect on the chemistry of the brain. Addictive substances typically affect the brain's "reward" or "pleasure" centers, but they damage to brain cells during the process. They also disrupt the brain's important communications functions--the processes by which neurons and other parts of the brain work together to ultimately sustain life. Addictive substances can also directly affect the life-sustaining functions of the brain. For instance, heroin affects the part of the brain that controls the respiratory system. Too much of the drug can suppress this vital system and lead to overdose and, all too often, death. By stimulating the brain's reward system, addictive substances literally compel the person to use the substance over and over again in spite of negative consequences.

Overview of Addiction Treatment in Meriden, CT

Addiction Treatment in Meriden is varied, which is great news for addiction sufferers because there isn't just one treatment road to success. Some addiction sufferers respond better to alternative treatments than traditional ones. Many people require customized treatments that take other health issues into consideration. For instance, a person suffering from a dual diagnosis (an addiction and a mental disorder) will require more specialized therapies. Most drug and alcohol treatment programs are offered on an inpatient and outpatient basis. Upon entry to drug and alcohol rehabs in Meriden, sufferers will be evaluated so that addiction specialists can help them choose drug and alcohol treatment programs that are ideal for them.

Although sufferers will need to decide between inpatient and outpatient therapy, they should note that medical detox is an inpatient process. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment invariably includes medical detox where the sufferer is carefully weaned from the addictive substance in question. During detox, healthcare providers deliver medications or other therapies that can alleviate the discomfort associated with withdrawal. Addiction Treatment in Meriden includes inpatient medical detox.

Once detox is completed, addiction sufferers will likely undergo both individual and group counseling; however, drug and alcohol treatment centers feature many types of therapies and programs that sufferers can select from. By participating in multiple drug and alcohol treatment programs, sufferers can learn to effectively control their cravings, manage their triggers, and prevent relapse.

Why Enter Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

The most important reason to participate in programs for addiction treatment is that they can save a sufferer's life. Addiction sufferers require medical treatment for the disease of addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment provide sufferers with life-saving resources. These programs help people learn to cope with negative emotions and negative situations in healthy ways so that they can prevent themselves from using drugs or alcohol in the future. Addiction specialists at drug and alcohol treatment rehabs can also help recovering individuals find aftercare programs that can provide them with ongoing support.

By obtaining addiction treatment in Meriden, CT, addiction sufferers can find effective ways for putting their lives back together and for maintaining their sobriety. By learning to prevent relapse, these individuals can protect their health and improve their overall well-being. Call Meriden Alcohol Treatment Centers now for help (877) 804-1531.

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