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Alcoholism, alcohol abuse disorder, and binge drinking are all related terms that require alcohol addiction treatment. When a person lacks the ability to stop drinking, they likely have an alcohol addiction. Substance addiction like alcoholism is governed by a feeling of compulsion. The sufferer feels compelled to drink in spite of negative consequences to their health and overall well-being. Alcohol addiction isn't a disease that affects Connecticut; it is a worldwide problem and is one of the most preventable causes of death. Connecticut addiction sufferers can seek treatment for their alcohol addiction at alcohol rehabs in Meriden, CT. Contact Meriden Alcohol Treatment Centers to learn more (877) 804-1531.

What Is Alcohol Abuse?

Someone who abuses alcohol may not be dubbed an "alcoholic," but their abuse is certainly paving the path to addiction. Moreover, a person who sufferers from alcoholism may share in behaviors and symptoms associated with alcohol abuse such as binge drinking, blacking out, drinking alone, and failing to moderate their drinking. While many people understand that alcoholism negatively detracts from health, they may not realize that alcohol abuse--even void of addiction--can carry profoundly dangerous health risks. Binge drinking can lead to blacking out and blood poisoning. Blood poisoning can result in death. People who have an alcohol abuse problem, whether they suffer from full-blown addiction or not, should seek help at alcohol rehabs in Meriden, CT, or at alcohol rehab centers near their homes.

Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

A person who abuses alcohol may go unnoticed by family or friends, but if their abuse continues, a pattern of behavior and symptoms may be seen. Someone who abuses alcohol may find that their drinking interferes with their life and work. They make withdraw from activities they typically engage with because they feel hung-over or prefer to drink. Accidents, injuries, blackouts, memory losses, and health issues are also signs and symptoms of an alcohol abuse problem. At alcohol rehabs in Meriden, CT, addiction specialists can help determine the nature of a sufferer's problem. They can distinguish between an abuse problem and an addiction problem. In both cases, the alcohol rehab center will feature programs that can help sufferers manage their conditions.

Understanding the Dangers of Alcohol

People who drink large quantities of alcohol are at risk for multiple health problems. A person does not drink regularly, but drinks large quantities or binge drinking is also at risk for health problems. First, people under the influence of alcohol frequently engage in high-risk behaviors such as unprotected sex and driving while under the influence. Health effects associated with alcohol abuse and alcoholism include liver and kidney disease, stroke, heart disease, stomach bleeding, mental illness, and much more. By entering a rehab for alcohol abuse, a sufferer can begin their road to alcohol abuse recovery. Alcohol rehabs in Meriden are staffed by caring, professional healthcare providers. Addiction Treatment Programs in Meriden designed to help sufferers achieve long-term sobriety may be the one thing that can ultimately save lives and safeguard health.

Why Enter an Alcohol Abuse Rehab?

A person who lacks the ability to control their drinking should seek evaluation and treatment at alcohol rehabs in Meriden, CT, or their nearby drug and alcohol rehab. Too often, a drinker tells themselves that they have their alcohol use problems under control. However, if that were true, there would be no problems related to alcohol. People suffering from alcohol abuse typically experience work problems, relationship problems, and even health issues. Only with treatment can sufferers learn to manage their abuse or addiction problem. With alcohol abuse treatment, sufferers can achieve alcohol abuse recovery and safeguard their health or prevent their health condition from worsening as a result of their drinking.

The Alcohol Abuse Treatment Process

Upon obtaining alcohol withdrawal treatment, each sufferer is evaluated so addiction specialists can determine the best course of treatment. Sufferers who are addicted to alcohol will require drug detox in Meriden, a process that can take between a few days and several weeks. Detox addresses the physical dependency that governs addiction. Subsequent therapies will target the behavioral and mental dependencies associated with addiction. Many sufferers will require ongoing support in the form of aftercare. Spending time in a sober-living community or attending 12-step program meetings can support them during the long recovery process.

By visiting drug and alcohol rehab, sufferers can get the medical evaluation they need to determine the best course of alcohol abuse treatment and therapy. By learning to manage their triggers and cope with their emotions in healthy ways, they can prevent a relapse and maintain their hard-won sobriety. Call Meriden Alcohol Treatment Centers now for help (877) 804-1531.

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